The main ingredient in Juva Skincare products – Fullerene

Fullerene has been widely studied for its antioxidant potential and has proved to be highly effective at neutralizing the free radicals on the skin which are caused by the damage of sunlight, air pollution, and life stress etc.

A fullerene is a molecule of 60 carbon atoms arranged in a hollow sphere, ellipsoid or tube. Water-soluble fullerene is the ones that dissolved in water. Fullerene molecule doesn’t dissolve in water unless under special treatment.

The radius of a single C60 is approximately 7.1Å, which is 0.71nm ( 1 Å=10-10 meter, and 1 nm=10-9 meter). This gives us an idea that it is an extremely tiny molecule.

Though Fullerene exists in nature and even in meteorite, the amount is too little to be used. Many scientists work on the project of producing pure fullerene in large amount. This is why the price of it have kept high.


Fullerene Can Solve the Most Common Skincare Problems from the Root

Research team at Juva Skincare found that the most common skin care problems like dullness, wrinkle, enlarged pores are all due to free radicals. Free radicals are a byproduct of metabolism and a reason of aging skin. Staying up late, smoking, drinking and negative emotion like stress will increase free radical production. Combating free radicals is one of the main concerns of experts in all fields. Fullerene, an ingredient that received a Nobel prize, attract the most attention. Its antioxidant capacity is 172 times higher than that of vitamin C.

Compared to other antioxidant ingredients, Fullerene remain stable under high temperature or in highly contaminated environment, which makes it great for the product to remain the same effectiveness for months before getting used up.

The tiny molecule of fullerene can be absorbed by the skin easily, especially when paired with other products. The hollow structure and nano size makes fullerene a vehicle that can help to drive other ingredients deeper into the skin.

The Application of Fullerene in Skincare Products

In general, everything are in a state of stability with paired electrons. A free radical is an atom or molecule that is originally in a stable state and becomes an atom or molecule containing unpaired electrons. That is, there is one additional electron or one missing. The reason why free radicals are destructive is that when this molecule is in an asymmetrical state, it will take away electrons from surrounding cells so as to make a pair with his own electrons and turn into a stable state.

How fullerenes get rid of free radicals is to neutralize missing or additional electrons of the free radical and get them into stable states.

The Effectiveness of Fullerene in Brightening, Anti-inflammation, and Anti-acne

Brightening:Fullerene can neutralize free radicals that generated from ultraviolet rays, control the formation of Tyrosinase and reduce Melanin production.

Anti-inflammation:Fullerene is powerful in oil control and anti-inflammation. Hence, it’s used to prevent acnes from growing worse.

Anti-Acne:Unbalanced oil can lead to acnes. Fullerene can balance oil production and prevent breaking out.

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