Juva Skincare was founded with the mission to provide skincare solutions inspired by nature and driven by science.

We aim to achieve the perfect balance between idyllic nature and precise science. Our products are made from gentle ingredients, refined by scientifically-proven processes, to deliver highly effective and restorative skincare solutions to our customers. These products
allow you to care for your skin with minimal effort, giving you more flexibility and time to enjoy your life.

Juva Skincare helps you escape the stresses of everyday life and lets you slip into a life of luxury and comfort. In our opinion, luxury is the combination of sumptuous comfort, timeless beauty, and effortless performance. We have incorporated these core elements into the design of every Juva product. Our products are perfect for those looking for an effective, yet simple, skincare routine. The products can be easily applied anytime, anyplace, for ease of mind and flawless skin.

Juva Skincare packages its products in glass bottles to better preserve and maintain the best quality of product, as well as being more environmentally- friendly. Special packaging keeps key sensitive ingredients stable and effective. All Juva Skincare products are 100% fragrance free and never tested on animals.

Juva Skincare collection incorporates a perfect ratio of Fullerene, which is 172 times more effective in antioxidant ability than vitamin C and can stabilize your skin gently and effectively. Juva Skincare collection contains 3 products including Brightening Enhancer, Brightening Essence and Brightening Lotion and are designed for the essential steps for any skincare routine. Use the whole series to take care of multiple skin concerns and reveal healthy and radiant skin. Use the products along with other skincare products to your liking to strengthen skin for absorption.
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