Juva Rose Quartz Guasha


Guasha, also known as “coining,” is a natural therapy that has been practiced in traditional East Asian medicine. It can be used during your facial treatment to firm and create a natural glow on your skin.


What are the benefits:

  • Relaxes the tension in facial muscles which could generate wrinkles.
  • Increases the skin elasticity.
  • Helps with blood circulation to rejuvenate your skin.
  • Simple and effective technique for anti-aging purposes.


Each quartz guasha has a unique pattern and color. That means they are authentic and 100% natural. There might be cracks and brown dots on the stones. These are the artworks from mother nature.


Material: Rose quartz


Size: length 10.2*width 5.5 cm


Special offer in June

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  • Get a free Rose Quartz Guasha while purchasing Brightening Facial Jelly 60ml for 2 OR 120ml for 1. 

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  • How to use Guasha by illustration
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How to use Guasha by illustration

  • Prepare adequate amount of Brightening Facial Jelly (size of a quarter) or Brightening Lotion (5-6 pumps) and apply it on face.
  • Start from the forehead, scrape your face gently from the center of your eyebrows toward your hairline. Scrape 3-5 times in each area.

  • Move to the cheeks, scrape them from the nose and going outwards to your ear. Repeat the same steps on both sides of the cheeks. Scrape 3-5 times in each area.

  • Go down to the chin, scrape it along the jawline until the ear. Repeat the same steps on both sides. Gently scrape 3-5 times.

  • There could be redness on your skin after the treatment. It usually goes away in 2-4 days. A whole routine may take 5-10 mins. Regularly use it to bring out the radiance of your skin.
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